08 July 2006

Wikipedia Vandalised

A few days back, while I was looking up Wikipedia for some personal research, I stumbled across a page struck by vandals.

Man, someone really hates that guy.

Anyway, Wikipedia, full of great and kind-hearted people as it is, restored the page to its original form within minutes (according to the entry's history).

Nonetheless, it did stunned me a bit when I chanced into the few minutes window and saw a rather bizarre title for the man, which I initially thought was some weird order from the British.

Anyway, I also hit Wikipedia's main page to see if they had any featured articles that are of my concern, and I've hit this:

1,234,765 articles... hmm... how improbable that is! It's as improbable as getting any other numbers! And also quite improbable to hit the short window of Lee Kuan Yew's profile getting defaced. I have strong reasons to suspect someone near the Solar System was using the Infinite Improbability Drive.

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