06 July 2006

Mt. Tomorrow Erupts

With MICA's response on Monday to mrbrown's TODAY article and the suspension of his column, the special feature article in tomorrow.sg has went off like Krakatoa, spewing out what is probably a record number of comments (131) and trackbacks (76). mrbrown's blog even had a supernova; there were more than 1000 comments on the two articles related to this whole affair.

Well, what have I gotta say? Just that it can't be helped, really. I mean, for a while I thought that the government has softened down on its media control, but it seems to be just a typical pre-elections tolerance.

So, where is the open society you promised, Mr Prime Minister?

Anyway, with regards to this incident, I ask one thing from everyone, just as I once did before. Remember. Just remember how receptive the government is to criticisms. Just remember that the government has as much sense of humour as dry rot. Just remember the trauma mrbrown had to go through.

Just remember, this incident, five years later.

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