19 July 2006

Advent Repark

In October last year, the government announced a spending of S$160 million to improve facilities in Aljunied, no doubt to prepare the grounds for elections. The fund will be split between the five districts under Aljunied.

According to the news report (I can only find it reproduced here; the original ST page has long been taken off), some S$65 million goes to upgrading. So taking that off and distributing into five portions, it's about S$19 million per district.

Now, I remember there was quite some hype on the news when the government announced this, and one of the highlights of the use of this fund is to build an adventure park. Situated beside the Kovan Community Centre (under the Paya Lebar district), it had quite some prime time news coverage. A certain amount of the S$19 million fund was set aside for this, and judging from the "hot" news coverage, I believe it must be a sizeable sum.

Here's a quote from Cynthia Phua, MP for Aljunied in charge of Paya Lebar district, taken from the Paya Lebar Kovan website (beware of the unstoppable auto-playing news clip):

In Paya Lebar, we can of course look forward to the new Adventure Park which is currently being built next to the Kovan Community Club. This will provide a good outlet for those who want to have a little fun with their children and enjoy the great outdoors.

Well, the park is still under construction but almost complete. I went there to take a look at the shape of this park.

Eh... wait a moment... did I say 'Adventure Park'. Oops, my bad... it should be...
... 'Advent Repark'.

Well, look! That's a... er... something!... A tightrope perhaps... My, my... that must've cost S$200,000!

Okay, I dunno what this one is for, but doesn't it look fun?!! You can try and hit those... those... balls... with a flying kick! Just like those gongfu movies! And they are coloured!

Now, that's a good one. I suppose it'll prepare our young male Singaporeans for the great and wonderful SOC (Standard Obstacle Course), don't you agree? You may not be able to see in from the photos, but trust me, those are First World tyres. S$10,000 each! Now, even Michael Schumacher doesn't have that!

Oh yes, it is not a park without them. Never mind that I've never figured out what's they're for, but it is a signature of every modern park in Singapore! Now, that's First World!

Well well well, who says that everything will turn bad after the elections?

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