15 July 2006

The Business of Shirt Folding

I believe by now everyone has heard of, if not watched, the hyper-efficient Japanese shirt folding method:

I dunno what's with this shirt folding fad, but apparently, someone has came up with a simple shirt folding machine made of cardboard:

Let me indulge in a feeble attempt to guess what's coming up next. How to fold a shirt with your legs? You know... you start with sitting cross-legged, and then tuck the shirt in between your thighs, pull it over your knees etc.. Then when you stand up, the shirt will fold and flop neatly onto the floor. Why, it can also be considered as exercise too!

Erm... how about: how to fold a shirt with one hand in mid-air? Heh, your hands go into a blur within a swirl of fabric, and voilà!... a nicely folded shirt. Why, if someone really invents this, it'll sure appear in as a music video dance in some weird Taiwan shirt folding song.

Oh... oh... how about this: folding a shirt with just your eyes? Yep, just blink and stare and the shirt will be folded! Shirt folding by eye-power... it's just like magic!... Hey, wait a minute... sounds like something I might've seen two or three years ago...

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