09 July 2006

Of Flatulence

Here's a little video clip that has been sitting around my desktop, forgotten, for quite a while.

It's quite amazing... but this video led me to ponder about the... magnitude of the... erm... mushroom cloud if a video was taken of similar nature but with a BMT recruit after powder bath...

Anyway, while we're on the topic, here's a completely embarrassing one:

If you were to look around Google Video, one clip that has topped the charts for months had a person lighting a candle using flames ignited from his flatulence. I didn't find that funny, but that led me to consider if it was possible. Therefore I jumped into Wikipedia's article on flatulence, which said that it is possible. But that's not what I want to say.

The whole article talked about flatulence in human. And then suddenly I saw this section:

Man, for a moment I was stunned, thinking that human flatulence is contributing to the greenhouse effect! Of course, it turns out that the section was talking about livestock, which was weird because the rest of the article talked about humans.

Perhaps this is one instance of the disadvantage of a wiki...

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