01 July 2006


I was tagged by Currytan...

3 blogs because of their pictures

Mr Wang Bakes Good Karma - Not that Mr Wang puts up a lot of pictures, but when he does so, he puts in witty captions that well describes the entry that it accompanies.

ZenEkz - I have no idea where he got his pictures from, but many are rather funny and can brighten up a gloomy day.

Currytan - Be it photos he has taken, or those he took from elsewhere; be it edited or left untouched, it does well compliment his entries. It's somewhat like the newspapers, where they have cartoonists or photographers generating suitable pictures to go with the headlines.

But I must say that I don't read a blog just because it has great pictures. The written content is primary, no matter how good the photos are.

3 blogs because they really makes you think or seek information

Mr Wang Bakes Good Karma - A lawyer is a lawyer. He can slice thickly veiled social and political matters up like a Ginsu knife into easy-to-swallow bits. Reading his entry is like a daily ginkgo supplement; the only difference is that the latter is supposedly able to boost brain activity while the former definitely does so.

i-speak by Gayle Goh - A mere 17-years old girl with the analytical power that surpasses 99% of Singaporeans, her entries are as enlightening as Gandalf's Istari light, and she has no qualms about digging into the Constitution to bring across her point.

Yawning Bread - Speaking on social and political issues (particularly about homosexuality) in Singapore and, to a lesser extent, the world, it is probably the only local blog that comes close to investigative journalism.

I really wish I could squeeze more in this section. For example, there are many which qualifies for this, such as The Singapore Angle (a diverse collection of essays on social and political matters), Tomorrow.sg (great for finding "hidden treasures"), Singabloodypore (the anti-establishment entries are worth taking note of), and The Negative Man (for his commentaries on political, social and philosophical issues).

3 blogs because they make you laugh

mrbrown - This guy is a genius in nonsense. Not that everything he say is nonsense, but he can seemingly parody anything effortlessly. His weekly columns in TODAY are also full of wisecracks. And that's not even bringing in his amazing podcasts.

The Dilbert Blog - If Scott Adams blogs, his entries are probably gonna be as cranky as his Dilbert comics. His blog entries have a wicked twist to them, and the way he writes it, it's just plain ridiculously funny.

ZenEkz - It's mainly his pictures, as I've commented above, that really makes it a blog worth visiting for laughs. Of course, not all the entries are funny, but a once-in-a-while-visit will ensure me a hilarity bank.

3 blogs to be tagged

Mr Wang Bakes Good Karma Let's be more realistic...
The Negative Man
half-asleep (since he's the only linked blog from mine left untagged)

Man, this feels like a good-willed chain letter...

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