01 July 2006


I've just came across this tidy little programme called Dasher. It is a programme used to input characters into the computer without the use of a keyboard. It is somewhat like a virtual keyboard (like those kind of keyboard appearing on the screen and the user clicking on the keys) except that it has a much more creative way of inputting characters.

Still in development, I believe this programme will be exceptionally useful for the disabled who have trouble inputting characters with a keyboard. Although the current standard version uses the mouse as the control, I think it is possible to use an eye tracker (i.e. a device that followed the direction of your eye), thus making things faster and easier.

Naturally, for those accustomed to typing with a keyboard, Dasher will appear to be very inefficient, but hey, it's fun!

Here's a demonstration:

I've used Dasher to type the words "welcome to dasher i am now blogging with dasher it is a fun program to use". Here is the video, but I've no idea why the resolution is so low.

Note that "i am now blogging with dasher" seems much easier to input than the others. That's because the programme has the ability to learn words, so words used more often by the user will be more likely to appear. I've been experimenting with "i am now blogging with dasher" for a while now.

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