16 July 2006

Concerning this Blog

I've been thinking about this for quite some time. This blog started out as a personal blog... meant for documenting and sharing my erratic thoughts, mundane life and kooky musings on current affairs. However, it began to occur to me weeks ago that perhaps the last category of entries is not quite compatible with the first two, primarily because it is meant for different a kind of audience. (More precisely, people who read the first two may go on to read the last category, but those who read the last is unlikely to read the others.)

However, the thought of maintaining two separate blogs feels rather stressful... In addition, my postings on current affairs are pretty sporadic. It's not like you'll definitely get a new post every three days. Nonetheless, I may do that for a better organisation of information, as well as greater efficiency in infecting other Singaporeans with my corrupted thoughts.

I do have a page on my website that contains the more worthy articles, sorted into neat sections, so that anyone who wants to refer to my previous (worthy) essays can do so easily. Many of them are on political and social issues. But being a website, it is rather inaccessible or hard to chance upon by the others, and I don't update it immediately when I've got an article ready for publishing. A blog, partly because of the rising trend as well as the made-easy advertising (e.g. blog aggregators, comments, trackbacks, Technorati), is more capable of gaining readership, which is a key consideration if I have to blight as many readers as I can.

While for now, I'm sticking to one, I'm not ruling out the possibility of a bifurcation of this blog. But if this happens, those readers who follow my (personal) blog because of the first two reasons need not worry; I'll probably re-post the same (current affairs) article on my (personal) blog as well.

Meanwhile, I've resolved to cut down the frequency of updates to this blog. The primary reason for this is the falling standards of writing. In fact, my observation is that the nonsense I've posted in the past were of high quality than the nonsense I write these days. Perhaps refraining from blogging about every single item in my daily life and thoughts may sieve out the lousy ones.

Moreover, this blog is steadily approaching its 200th post... it's achieveable in less than a month's time if I were to blog at the current rate. That's not healthy, considering that this blog has been in existence for less than five months, thus equating to an average of more than one post a day. This is probably symptoms of blogaholism. Not healthy... not healthly...

It is likely that I may face withdrawal symptoms while I restrain myself from blogging. I'm not sure if I can overcome it, so please pray for me... Oh, no need for the traditional type of praying... I doubt it works, given its checkered history. I prefer the new type of praying I've invented: dab your eyes with freshly cut onions while sniffing (with force) chilli padi seeds. I'm sure you'll get the sensational feeling of a successful prayer.

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The Negative Man said...

Blogoholism is bad. It might also get you fired.