13 July 2006

Great Blog on the Rise

The Intelligent Singaporean may be a lofty name for a blog, but it turns out surprisingly intelligent! The blogger doesn't write his own articles there; rather, he gather worthy blog entries from various acclaimed blogs like Mr Wang Bakes Good Karma and Yawning Bread and recommends them in his blog. Sort of like a blog aggregator similar to Tomorrow.sg, but focuses on social and political issues.

So far, it has been up for less than a week, but judging from the entries there, it looks promising. It is awesome for me in that it gathers from great blogs like Kway Teow Man which I sometimes do not have the time to peruse.

Currently, however, there seem to be an unnaturally high influx of entries. I hope this is only temporary, and as time passes, the number of recommendations will drop to an acceptable level.


inspir3d said...

hi thanks for your kind comment. could i get some feedback? what rate of posts would be comfortable for u?

Pandemonium said...


In my opinion, about three to five posts a day should be nice... actually, it also depends on the length of the original post itself.

But then, all the essays that have been posted so far are quite good... so it'd be unjust not to put them up.

Right now, I'm quite free, so I can follow every single entry, but when my school term starts, I'll probably not have the luxury of checking it everyday. Therefore, if the frequency of entries is reduced, it will be easier for me to follow. But I suppose that's what the categories are for, and I'll probably be making use of it to selectively read the posts I have interest in.

Anyway, I have a wild suggestion here... maybe you can set up some rating system... you know, something like a 5-star system that anyone can use to rate an article. I'm not sure if this will work (it might end up with every essay having 5 stars, which defeats the purpose), or if this will be troublesome. It might also discourage some from blogging ("what! I've only got two stars... sigh... that's it! I quit!"), but I think you may want to consider it... just some random suggestion.

Anyway, here's a big thanks from me for maintaining such a great blog!