11 July 2006

Mr Miyagi Leaves TODAY

Mr Miyagi has decided to quit TODAY. He did not mention the specific reasons, except that it was born out of "many many long discussions between brown and myself". There are two parts of this issue which I'm interested in.

First, what is the exact reason for his resignation? He did, after all, mention that the salary he got as a columnist is "nice and secure", so what prompted him to drop it? Could it be due to friendship and integrity, to show his support for mrbrown, to stand by his side in this time of crisis? Or is it because, after this incident, he was dismayed by the lack of progress in the mainstream media towards the freedom of expression, and, resultingly, he found it pointless to continue bridging the widening gap between the offline and online world? Or is it an attempt to send an awakening shockwave towards the offline readers, to make them wonder why bloggers are leaving the mainstream media, and hence urge them to explore the story for themselves online?

The second part of interest to me is the consequence to the bigger picture of his action. Will it further disconnect the online and offline world into two distinct universes (like the real world and the Matrix)? Will it reduce the authority of bloggers (which is incorrectly but often associated with credibility) in the eyes of the general population? Or will his disappearance from the column go unnoticed, that readers will not be bothered with the cause of his resignation?

It will be interesting to see how things turn out.

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