19 July 2006

Three Ways to End the Israel-Lebanon Conflict

Actually, not just the Israel-Lebanon conflict, but also all conflicts related to Israel, i.e. the Israel-Palestine conflict, Israel-Iran dispute and Israel-whatever disagreement. I assume that there is a sufficiently large organisation/country like the US or the UN that has the technology and financial backing that can effect these changes.

The first is to support Israel unconditionally and let it demolish the remainder of the Middle-East, crushing whatever resistance once and for all. The second is to support the other party unconditionally and let it do the same but to Israel. The third is to grab a couple of nuclear bombs and start nuking the entire Middle-East, thus removing the conflict by removing both sides.

These are the only ways I can think of for a possible resolution of the Middle-East conflict; I see no other way out. Of course, right now there is no organisation/country that has such capability (not even the US) to fend off the consequences.


The Negative Man said...

I suspect the outcome of all three solutions would be the same : that WW 4 would be fought with sticks and stones. Or not at all.

Pandemonium said...

Probably likely. But at least that can end the Middle-East conflict, can't it?