22 July 2006

Back from SOW Prep Camp...

... and I feel dead. Completely. So I shall keep this short.

Firstly, SOW stands for Science Orientation Week. I've signed up as a senior, and for the past three days, all of us went through the prep camp for SOW06. There are three primary purposes for this prep camp: one, to test out some of the games arranged by the SOW committee; two, to let the seniors have fun (since we won't be playing the game during the actual camp itself); and three, to allow seniors to know each other.

In short, for the past three days I've been running around, playing games, learning mass dance, playing games, practising cheers, playing games, and exhausting myself physically. And it doesn't really help that we sleep less than four hours every night (a result of placing a hyper-charged and hyperactive bunch of people who are on self-induced steroids in one tutorial room). The prep camp ended in Sentosa with, what else, games, games and more games.

Nonetheless, aside from achieving the above aims of the prep camp, and in the process getting wet and dirty a few dozen times, I've found out these interesting tidbits:

  • The latest Science Faculty T-shirt (blue with a white 'Science' in front) is good in absorbing water and highly capable of picking up an awesome amount of sand.

  • Putting people in a small area of the field and asking them to duck-walk and burst opponent's water bombs is a very effective way of soil erosion, second only to mud wrestling.

  • Never trust a girl to splash water on a person you've held onto to prevent him from running away.

  • Indian dance is a lot more difficult that what it usually seems on TV.

  • Werewolf, hunter, and priest is one of the best and smartest games I've played.

That's all for now. I'd better catch some much needed sleep before I slump over my keyboard. I can't wait for the actual camp to start.

One day pigs will fly...

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