02 May 2006

WP's Rally in Hougang

(All photos used are taken from Yawning Bread. Read his photo essay here. It was put up without his permission, but I hope he doesn't mind!)

It was utterly amazing:

Comparatively, this is the PAP rally at the same place, same time, one day later:

Today I went back home. I live in the Kovan area in Aljunied. Upper Serangoon Road, a very long main road that runs right through Serangoon to Hougang, was right within view. My father told me that on the night of the WP rally, the road was jammed pack. And that's a freaking 3 to 4 km from the rally site in Hougang!

And even though rally turnout doesn't translate to votes, but this goes to show that many are interested in what the opposition (at least Low Thia Khiang) has to say.

Now, thinking about it, during the first rallies that took place (which was in Aljunied), WP had theirs in a field in Ubi, while PAP took the Serangoon stadium. Most of us know that it rained that night. WP persisted and continued theirs in that open field, and their supporters trudged through water and mud to listen to them. PAP abandoned their stadium to some indoor place, which could only hold a handful number of people. (Interestingly enough, CNA reported more on PAP's rally than WP's, but that's not what I want to talk about.)

I'd really want to ask PAP this: is this how they utilise the resources allocated to them? They were given a superior venue, but they just cast it aside. Rain? Lightning? The WP did not stop. No excuses here. More importantly, is this how they're going to handle the resources of our nation? Our money? Our votes? Our people?

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