06 May 2006

A Comment in Another Blog

I came across this particular comment entry amidst the torrent of comments in this entry in singaporeelection.blogspot.com. The blog entry itself is not of my interest, but it is this comment that touched my heart.

It was a reply to another commentor named kt, who stands on the side of PAP. That was rather brave, given that the general mood in that place was anti-PAP. He (or she) did bring up certain good points about the PAP, and it was no doubt that if he (or she) were to vote, it would go to the PAP. One of his main argument was that if the PAP was no good, it would've been kicked out a long time ago.

This was the reply, by a sixty-years old person. It stands out because most people in his (or her) age vote for the PAP. So it is impressive to hear a view from that generation that says otherwise. Note that he (or she) did not advocate to overthrow the PAP or to vote for the opposition. You read it yourself, and draw your own judgement.


I used to think like you. It is true pap had in the past done a good job which is why many people supported them. Pap was then lead by a bunch of leaders like Goh Keng Swee, Rajanatnam, Toh Chin Chye, Hon Sui Sen, Devan Nair, etc who were without doubt fought very hard to get elected. Please believe me Singapore is today is not a one-man show. These guys' names are hardly featured today but they really sacrificed to fought for independence and progress for Singapore. Money and reward were never on their lips. They were respected because they were not mercenary and not yes-mens. They would argued with lao lee and displeased him if they have too. But nowadays, it is a different story all together. Ministers and mps are recruited in like employees of a large organisation. Looking at the paper-qualified "Generals" in action in only a constituency election, and more of them will be drafted in, I am worried about our NS men going to war if it ever happen.

It is not too late if kt still support pap to wake up pap becasue my believe is that we are heading into big trouble, probably 20-30 years down the road because of pap tinkering with the political system to stay in power and the heavily dependent on "like-minded friends and relative" to rule Singapore and control the assets of Singapore. Recent big international corporate sagas including nkf should give us food for thots.

I am 60 years old with a wife and no children, still working with decent income. Why do I need to worry for a future that may not happen to me? In fact, I should be happy like kt because I am sure I will continue to get progress packages as long as pap is there and of course still doing well.

In fact, pap should appreciate all feedbacks whether negatives or positives and not resort to branding citizens who do not agree with them as anti-Singapore or trouble-makers. In fact, they are practicing discrimintation boldly now re:upgrading. What message does this sent to all the ministers, mps and civil servants? You know how animal handlers trains dogs and even wild animals, any difference?

It is sad, a nation of people has been reduced to such a state. I do not subscribe to this which is why I no longer hold them up high. Where is the dignity of a people?

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