21 May 2006

Website Updated

I've given my website a vast renovation. The layout is more or less similar, but this time the HTML is proper. Well, it's not W3C compliant yet, but I'll work on that. There isn't much change in terms of the content, except for the addition of an "Articles" section which houses selected essays from this blog.

I'll probably work on a Links page and add more information as well as a picture (this time proper) to the About Me page. I'm also considering putting the tag-board of my blog to that site too. Anyway, please give me some feedback on how it currently is and can be improved.

P.S.: Haven't anyone found out the meaning (or code) behind my handphone number and MSN?


Nakazawa said...

MSN wise, I found it quite easily, but it is sadly hidden in frames. Did you type the whole site out in HTML code? aka plain notepad or something? If so, your knowledge of HTML seems quite good...

Handphone wise... next comment.

Nakazawa said...

Look at the time stamp, it's the time taken to think.

Well, I cheated. :)

I know your number, so I tried finding the pattern. However, I don't know the significance of the many '5's I see in the number.

Pandemonium said...

Yeah, the MSN one was difficult because of the frames, but it is not hard to navigate out of it. The problem is to know that you have to navigate out of it in the first place.

And yeah, I typed the HTML code from scratch. It took me about five hours to get everything from the old layout to the new one (but I copy-and-paste the contents). Most of the time was spent trying to find out how to do the HTML.

The Negative Man said...

*Spoiler Abt HP Code*

Regarding the HP code, 5754524856564952.
There are 16 numbers, whereas there are 8 numbers in a regular HP number. It is reasonable to break the 16 code into 8 blocks of 2.

Then, of all the blocks of 2, the largest is 57 and smallest is 48, which is exactly 10 numbers (inclusive).

Futhermore, the first digit is a 9, from common HP knowledge (although less true nowadays). Since 57==9, it is reasonable to guess that 48==0 and so on.

The final answer obtained is exactly his HP. Of course, I do not know the significance of 48, the base number he started from.

Pandemonium said...

There is a significance behind 48. Now, which coding doesn't start the numerals from '0'?

NinjaLZG said...

eh. how come u can think of things so far... its so "cheem"

Pandemonium said...

Is it far? Not really what... only one layer of encoding.