06 May 2006

My Vote

I've cast my vote. It was a big cross right beside the WP logo.

Why do I vote for the WP? There are many factors that come into play. Firstly, what counted against the WP was the fact that the PAP team are capable people with lots of resources at their disposal. There is little doubt that they can do many things. Also, WP's manifesto has several questionable points, such as the abolishment of the Internal Security Act and the grassroot organisations. The fact that James Gomez would make a mistake in his application and that it took some time for WP to come out clean counted against them too.

Then, why do I support them? It's because I, being an idealist, subscribe to their ideas of a more level political playing field, greater freedom of speech and how public services are carried out (such as in public transport). I also felt a strong need for an opposition voice in the parliament. PAP's own indulgence in pork barrel politics without shame or guilt is also a very strong factor. I am not so particular with the gerrymandering, but it still counted quite a bit against the PAP because some of the boundaries are just too ridiculous. For example, my relatives who live in the private estates of Tai Keng Gardens were drawn from Aljunied to Marine Parade. For goodness sake, they're closer to (the town) Aljunied than Marine Parade!

Of all, the greatest factor that pushed me towards WP was PAP's relentless slamming of James Gomez. It was obvious what PAP was trying to do - to bombard him with accusations until he retaliated, then counter with defamation lawsuits. I was shocked that even today, when we are supposedly a First World country, an open nation, that this sort of dirty tricks still persisted. I was extremely relieved that WP played it right this time - not into their hands - and maintained their coolness. In the end, PAP had to cut off its smearing campaign because it became apparent that many people were disgusted by it. I was too, and hence the deciding factor was this.

Now that election campaigning has ended, I'd say that even if PAP has not pursued the James Gomez matter, I would've voted for the WP anyway. The arguments I listed for WP above was stronger, in my opinion, than those for PAP.

I've placed my vote. Now I hope they will win. And if any GRC is going to be liberated from the PAP, it's gotta be Aljunied.


Calamity Man said...

as much as i think it is stupid, i must also say that you have guts for telling the whole world who you voted for.

i voted in AMK where lots of old folks are. being simple-minded, i be,ieve most of them would've voted for PAP.

i only set out to do my bit to create a little dent in the PM's call for a strong mandate.

my beliefs are more or less the same as yours.

majulah singapura!

Pandemonium said...

Haha thanks for the support. Personally, I had been afraid for a long time, but I had enough of being afraid. I did not vote without reason or without thought. I justified my choice. And I stand by it.

Anyway, it turns out a moment ago that Aljunied went to the PAP, though not without a tough fight by the WP (got nearly 44% of the votes). Well, that's depressing, but at least the overall votes PAP got this time was much lesser. So much for the strong mandate Lee Hsien Loong called for. And he got less than 70% of the votes in his constituency. I consider that a defeat for him.

newgeneration said...

Sigh. I was disappointed, too. I thought a new era could come. I thought that the opposition would be given the chance to grow stronger, to be capable to challenge the government, so that there will be a time when the government will depend on us-- the people to stay in power and not use our taxpaying money to threaten us with upgrading issues. Too bad those Singaporeans who do not know that the upgrading money the government offers is our money voted them in. Sigh. Like you, I also don't like the James Gomez issue but I think the PAP is not much better, either and, I, too, am an idealist. But I don't have a chance... sigh... to vote.

Pandemonium said...


I believe things will change, and will change gradually. If WP maintains this strong image, it is likely that they will gain Aljunied. Remember, Lee Kuan Yew said it himself (in the televised forum) that if there can be an opposition that defeat PAP, his job is done. We might see that soon.

And given the strong (relatively) support the opposition got (other than SDP), it is likely that they will challenge the PAP in more constituencies. Look forward and hope for a chance to vote in the next elections!

Calamity Man said...

like i said on JG's blog the other day. change will come.

change will come as more younger folks become more worldly-wise and starts to become more critical.

and then these younger folks will grow older and be replaced by even younger folks, and the same sentiments grow stronger.

and then papalee um, will inevitably let go of the driver's wheel eventually. he has to at some point. that's when the REAL impact hits home.