03 May 2006

Kindred Spirit (Singapore Edition) - The James Gomez Soap Opera

It appears that there is a new twist in the James Gomez saga. I mean, something more audacious that the usual bashing from PAP. Inderjit Singh, a PAP candidate, and his assentor spoke out that in a conversation they had with James Gomez, they asked him why he made a mistake. According to them, his response was that it was just a show.

Now, if I were James Gomez, and I really intent on sabotaging the Elections Department, the last persons in the Universe I'd say about my plans are the PAP people. Hell, I wouldn't even tell anyone, not even fellow WP members, unless they're vegetables.

I still need more information before I really know what's going on, but from what I have right now, I'd venture the following possibilities:

1) Inderjit Singh and his assentor are lying. George Yeo has already said earlier that he's hammering down on this issue because the people "have not fully grasped the importance of what has happened" (Link). So since their tactic of smearing the opposition candidate has not worked as well as they wanted to, they took a step further and made up this story.

2) James Gomez is a complete idiot. He was an idiot the first time round - filling up the form wrongly - and the second time round he took his revenge carelessly - by revealing or boasting his plans to his opponents which have, as seen in history, a thunderous zeal and capability to tarnish reputations.

3) James Gomez indeed did say that, but he was, intentionally or unintentionally, quoted out of context. Maybe he was referring to something else; maybe he was saying that filling such forms for minorities is excessive paper work, all about form and not substance (seriously, whoever can't tell that James Gomez is not a Chinese must have had pebbles instead of a brain in his/her skull).

Another fourth possibility is that James Gomez is actually an agent for PAP, conspiring with them to bring down WP. But I don't take conspiracy theories seriously; they're good for laughs, that's all. Plus, I don't think PAP is so dirty (maybe in the past, but not now) to use such tactics.

Unless possibility 2 turns out to be the true cause, I'd say that, in my mind, whatever grounds PAP has gained because of James Gomez's blunder, these fruitcakes have lost it altogether because of their ridiculous pinching of James Gomez and WP.


Calamity Man said...

they've lost the plot alright.

but hey, the WP's on the front page of the dire straits again yesterday for four days running and also on the first three or four pages of the home section!

dang, seems like that's the only way the OPP's gonna get on the front pages of any printed media.

and i haven't even read today's dire straits yet.

"i just can't wait" to do that soon so that i can laugh at it.

Pandemonium said...

I think the PAP is trying to recreate an NKF-styled storm centred on the opposition with this James Gomez issue.

Two advantage on this: it can swing votes (if done correctly). Two, it takes people's mind of NKF and other big issues.