25 May 2006

Movie Review: X-Men: The Last Stand

Given that I'm not really expecting anything from the movie itself except to see how the storyline wraps up, I must say I'm quite satisfied with it. And since I've not read the comics, I'm not so liable to disappointment as a result.

Overall, it was a pretty fine movie. I find the storytelling a bit fragmented at the start, probably because everyone was at different places, so to speak. The pace was okay, though I found the movie a bit short. There was a lot of action at the end, but it was not boring at all. In fact, it was rather tense as Magneto's Brotherhood battled with the X-men, and I certainly liked how it ended, especially Magneto's demise.

Again, as in the previous X-men movies and recent blockbusters like The Da Vinci Code, there wasn't really any exceptional acting. In fact, I thought Patrick Steward's portrayal of Charles Xavier was tad disappointing. But considering that this movie has mostly fresher faces as compared to The Da Vinci Code, I'd say the acting is better.

If there's anything that I felt poorly done, it has to be the character development. I did not see much point in having Angel in the movie. And certainly more could've been done with Mystique and Rogue; the story about them seem to just drop off suddenly. Considering that this movie is less than two hours, I thought the production crew should've paid more attention to this. But I like Jaggernaut; he is the butt of many jokes.

All in all, the movie's one that I'd say, go ahead and watch it. Especially if you have watched the first two.

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