12 May 2006

Gomez Freed

... for now.

Channel NewsAsia article

Firstly, the Public Prosecutor claimed Gomez used threatening words to a civil servant. Unless I've read wrongly (from other sources), I believe he used the word "consequences" against the civil servant. So everyone, next time, please be very careful of using the word "consequences" on a civil servant.

Next, this move of not charging Gomez strenthens The Negative Man's argument that the PAP (and the Elections Department) cannot do nothing after kicking up the storm. This move is probably employed to gradually lower the momentum of the storm, to cushion the ground for landing.

Then, the next question is, why does the PAP, traditionally intolerant of political opponents, willing to let go of this chance of eliminating a member whose team snatched a harrowing 44% in a GRC? There could be several reasons to this, and they're not mutually exclusive. One, times are changing, and the new PM has greater tolerance that his daddy. Two, instead of scaring people away from the opposition, it has achieved an opposite effect. Three, there is insufficient ground to justify that Gomez has committed the act of criminal intimidation; even many experts agree that it is pushing the boundaries of the law. Four, the Enernorth case in Canada has sparked worries that the Singapore judicial system is deemed as unfair. Five, pursuing this matter will cause PAP to lose votes, judging from online public opinion.

Well, all in all, I'm glad things turn out fine in the end, and the saga wrapped up nicely (and I sincerely hope it will not be unwrapped). Therefore, while I remind people to still remember this incident, perhaps it will be very wise to take this ending into account.

In a way, one of my post-election thoughts have been fulfilled. At least I'm one-third satisfied.

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