07 May 2006

WP Rally Audio Recording

In addition to taking photos during WP election rally, I also recorded the speeches and crowd responses with my Zen Micro. I didn't expect it to turn out good, given the poor recordings I always get when I try it on lectures, but surprisingly, it was rather audible. I'd recommend listening to the Hokkien one if you understand, and Low Thia Khiang's one. I almost made the mistake of putting this up before the elections ended, which would be illegal because of the blanket ban on political podcasts. (Technically, mine is not a podcast; it is a zencast...)

I must apologise: I forgot to start recording until about half an hour after the rally started. But at least I captured some of the Hokkien speeches that I talked about (I mistakenly identified it as Teochew in the photo essay). Also, the quality is not very good: you can hear the rhythming bumpings at times, which is the Zen Micro swinging in my pocket when I was walking, and the varying volumes, which is a result of me changing positions all the time.

Last thing to add: I did not venture into the real, enthusiastic crowd at the front, so the cheers would not be so loud. That should also explain the seemingly long periods to silence from the stage - because the crowds were actually cheering and the candidates were waiting for the cheers to subside.

So here's the unedited .wav file of the recording:

050506 WP Aljunied (right-click -> Save Link As)
(Edit: it appears that my SPS account has insufficient file space to hold the recording. So, unless I find another host, I'll have to take it down for the moment. If you want to hear it, drop me a comment, and I'll email it to you.)

And here's a rough outline of the speakers as far as I can discern:

0:00:00 -unknown- (Hokkien)
0:07:50 -unknown- (Hokkien)
0:20:35 Mohammed Rahizan (English)
0:30:45 Emcee (on PAP supporters)
0:31:20 Chia Ti Lik (English)
0:32:00 Commotion at the gate
0:36:00 Chia Ti Lik (continued)
0:41:20 Goh Meng Seng (English)
0:45:45 Goh Meng Seng (Mandarin)
1:02:20 James Gomez (English)
1:17:50 Tan Wui-Hua (English)
1:20:20 Tan Wui-Hua (Mandarin)
1:30:50 Low Thia Khiang (Mandarin)
1:52:30 Sylvia Lim (English)
2:01:35 Low Thia Khiang (English)

Also, if you haven't, please go and listen to the mrbrown show on the James Gomez saga. It's a brilliant parody of the affair.

Lastly, this is probably the last entry I'm writing on the elections. After this, this blog should resume its normal, boring content.

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