19 May 2006

Paved With Good Intentions

If you have never read the article Paved With Good Intentions by Colin Goh and Woo Yen Yen, then I'd recommend it. It may be tad outdated, and the promised revision/update has yet to materialise, but it is nonetheless accurate in its analysis of a typical Singaporean's life.

Colin Goh and Woo Yen Yen are a Singaporean couple currently living in New York. Colin is a lawyer by training, while Yen Yen is a teacher. They are most famous for being the editors of TalkingCock. Their latest movie, Singapore Dreaming, has received quite a good response during its premier (I'm not sure when it'll be hitting the cinemas).

In summary, the article highlights the differences between the Singapore Dream and the Singapore Plan. It makes us think about what we want in life and for our future. It makes us question the path that we have chosen or has been laid in front of us by others.

I see a number of my university friends confused about their directions. Where should they go after graduation? What jobs would be suitable for them? What is the purpose of working so hard? Why are they studying this? And that? I'm not claiming that this article has the answer to these questions. I merely hope that it would encourage them to consider about their choices in life.

This is the least I could do.

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