26 May 2006

"Fixing" the Internet

Recently, PAP MP Denise Phua kicked up a small storm on the Internet with her comments that the PAP would do well to "manage this channel of communication". By this channel, she is referring to the Internet and/or blogosphere, where she noticed that "more than 85 per cent (of the traffic) writes negatively about the PAP". This was Tomorrow-ed, Mr Wang-ed and Yawning Bread-ed, and I believe there are many others who have written something about it, given that it concerns many of us.

I will spare you of my comments, since most of them would echo what the links above said, but I shall leave you with a quote that pretty much summarises my thoughts:

"They wish to cure us, but I say, we are the cure!"


The Negative Man said...

Her comments top the list for being bigoted. Instead of wondering why the criticism arose and how to resolve the issues behind the criticism, she proposes to censor it.

Her comments reflect exactly what voters do not like about the PAP. They are of the idea that only they know what is best, and that all other alternatives are non-viable and evil, even. What is this if not bigotry ?

Anyway, nice quote there. Describes the entire train of thoughts extremely well.

The Oriental Express said...

Even if we don't write in the blog about Ik See's matter, for eg. the Americans will already know about it. They are very well informed through their own TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

Pandemonium said...

The Oriental Express:

Yeah true, but the important thing is, do Singaporeans know about it? It is not the Americans or people outside the shores of Singapore that matters. It is those inside that are important.

For all the time before, the press in our countries has been screaming of unfair methods in Singapore's elections, but there wasn't much of an impact (not even much pressure on local media). However, this general election saw a spike in alternative media. Not only does this mean that more people are listening to other voices, but also, this is pressurising the media to be more fair (the perfect example is the photo of the Hougang rally).