05 May 2006

Movie Review: Mission: Impossble III

I have watched the first movie a long time ago. I do not remember much of how it was like, just that it had an impossible storyline to follow (bearing in mind that I was only twelve then). I did not watch the second movie, but from what I've heard, it had a terrible storyline and action.

But M:i:III looks promising, and I've heard positive reviews of it too. After watching it personally, I think it is rather acceptable. And that's quite a high praise for an action movie, which in general, I do not really favour.

The actions are, well, sometimes a bit extreme (like the pendulum-Tom Cruise in Shanghai) and sometimes a bit physics-defying (e.g. Tom Cruise gets thrown sideways into a car when a missile slams into something behind him), but still not too ridiculous. The storyline's pretty fine, with appropriate twists at different parts. However, I find that it gets a bit draggy at the middle. You know, it's like missions coming one right after another, so you get action after action after action after action and so on. Got a bit boring there, but the rest were okay. Acting is generally fine, but Philip Seymour Hoffman must be given special mention for his amazing portrayal of the villian.

In conclusion, I'd say it a nice movie to watch if you have the time.

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