15 May 2006

$1000 Spent Today

Today, I spent what is probably the greatest amount of money I've ever spent in one single day - S$999. I know the number looks nice, but what I've bought is even nicer:

Kodak EasyShare Z650
0.45X Wide Angle Lens
2 GB SD Card
Camera bag (free)

The camera itself, a SLR camera, cost about $680, and the lens nearly $200 and the SD card something like $100+. The price tag costs should go above $1000, but the vendor managed to cut it down and give me something just a dollar below my budget (which I, perhaps wisely, did not reveal, since I know I'm terrible at bargaining).

Considering that I've been wanting to get a new camera for more than a year, it feels great that I've finally bought it. And to be frank, I thought for the features it had it would be more expensive. It had a whooping 10X zoom and a modest 6.1 megapixels, which I thought would've hit least $800, and that'd restrict me on the accessories. The only letdown was the lack of a complete manual focus.

Nonetheless, I'm so far satisfied with my purchase. I'll test it out during tomorrow's demo lab demonstration, and post a few pictures here (and comments if I have).

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