18 June 2006

World Cup's Not My Cup of Tea

The World Cup fever is running high... everyone seems to be talking about the matches - how Japan got splintered by the Australians or Argentina's bulldozing victory - and stuff like that, but for me, I cannot be bothered. They're the type of news deserving as much attention as the obituaries. Really! I'm just not into sports, whether I'm playing it or watching it.

However, I used to watch football. In fact, I somewhat followed the previous two World Cups (and a little of the 1994 one), and mildly supported England for a while and then Germany. (By mild, I mean I merely hoped they would win. This is set in contrast to those roaring fans, who piously wear their teams' colours and is capable of identifying, in an aerial shot in TV, individual players that are the size of bacteria.)

But then, by the end of the last World Cup, I find my interest gradually waning. I suppose this is a result of finding myself, the identity I want to be in. I suppose football (or sports, for that matter) rouses others but not me, just as politics attracts my attention but not others'.

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