28 June 2006

Movie Review: Scary Movie 4

When I walked into the cinema, I wasn't expecting, obviously, to find the normal stuff I usually critique about typical movies (i.e. storyline, music etc.). I was expecting nothing more than just lame, stupid, brainless humour, which of course it is, but somehow I still find it a bit disappointing.

Despite that I've not watched half the movies Scary Movie 4 spoofs, I still more or less understood the parody behind it. I particularly liked the Grudge (or rather, the spoof of it), which is one of the four main movies spoofed (the others being War of the Worlds, Saw and The Village). There are minor references to other popular movies like Brokeback Mountain (kinda expected) as well as, in its own words, real life events.

However, I don't find myself laughing so much as compared to Scary Movie 3. There were fewer of what I call Intense Laughing Moments (ILMs), whereby a very good joke (even if it's nonsense) is cracked and sustained for a long time, resulting in a prolonged and intense laughter. ILMs will usually cause me to reel over in laughter so nasty that I find myself hyperventilating (sometimes I wonder if one day I'll die from laughing). But I could only recall one ILM in Scary Movie 4. In fact, I wasn't even close to hyperventilating. Scary Movie 3 had at least two ILMs, as far as I can remember. And I think Mr Bean (the movie) still holds the record (I think it was six or something like that).

In addition to the lowered amount and intensity of humour, there was also far too many references to sex. I know the kind of humour in the Scary Movie franchise is nowhere high, but I somehow feel that, as compared to Scary Movie 3 (which is the only other Scary Movie I've watched), it has hit a new low.

Nonetheless, for some mindless humour as stress relief or just for fun, Scary Movie 4 is rather recommendable. But if you have better things to do, you won't miss much letting this go.

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