29 June 2006

Ballot Boxes to be Re-Opened

TODAYonline has reported that a few ballot boxes in Aljunied GRC has to be re-opened. This is not an attempt of the PAP to hunt down people who voted for the Opposition, but rather, the staff counting the ballots mistakenly sealed the list of non-voters into the box.

The districts affected are AJ24 and AJ25. That's in close proximity to the AJ21 polling district that I'm in... And the description in the article that the voters affected come from the area bounded by Upper Serangoon Road and Hougang Avenue 3 doesn't help either, since I can also be said to live in that area too (those two roads don't form a closed boundary actually).

I believe the PAP will take the list of non-voters and give them more money in the next Progress Package. They must be saying, "Wah heng ah! Luckily these people never vote. Otherwise they anyhow vote, vote for the WP, then we die liao lah!"

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