04 June 2006

Five Days is Fast, But Fast is Relative

For the next five days, it will be impossible for me to update my blog due to reservist. So this blog is about to experience its longest period of inactivity since its inauguration, unless, of course, I, in an unlikely event, manage to secure a computer with Internet access. But I'm extremely pessimistic about that thought; I'm rather certain Lim Chu Kang jungles don't have wireless broadband.

In any case, I've finished packing my stuff... I think I'm bringing too many things, yet I get the feeling that I may be leaving something out. I've decided to do without the duffel bag. Result? My Adidas bag is so heavy I'm afraid the bottom might give way. And my field pack (with the seven pack items plus helmet) looks very much like Aunt Marge. Then I realised my SBO was sitting outside. Dang! In the end I managed to grab a backpack which I've got from NDP 2003 while helping out as an army personnel and stuffed my SBO in. Now I have Aunt Marge and her bulldog.

The training schedule looks harmless enough, even with the one day outfield, but things can always (and usually will always) turn out otherwise.

"Infantry training, I discovered, is rigorous; it is designed to toughen the spirit and dull the intellect." - Michio Kaku

Time to get my intellect dulled.

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