28 June 2006

The Future MRT System Map

While I was looking up the current MRT system map a few days ago, I stumbled across this future system map plan:

MRT system map plan

I must say it is rather amazing, though inevitably, it's turning quite messy.

I like in particular the North Shore Line. It'll make an excellent tourist attraction once it's constructed in the future.

"Now, we're leaving the golden beaches of Pasir Ris, and turning into Punggol. These mangrove swamps you see are probably the last in Singapore. Rich in life and full of diversity, these First World mangrove swamps are the favourites of many nature-lovers. Do feel free to explore the swamps if you have the time. The entrance fee to the walkway is only $50. If you choose not to tread on the walkway, walking in the swamp is free.

We've just entered Punggol. Now, that spectecular building to your right, that's the Punggol Yacht Club. The Yacht Club is a world standard executive club that is meant for the elite of the society. More than just for entertainment, this Yacht Club is also frequented by many public figures, including our Cabinet ministers and directors of top companies like Temasek Holdings, so it is also the perfect place for networking. If you are a foreign executive and frequently visit Singapore, do become a member of the club. The membership fee is just a very affordable $200,000 a year.

And of course, now, we've reached this majestic structure, which is none other than our third integrated resort. Designed by internationally renowned architects, this integrated resort has many features that are world's first. And yes, glittering right in the middle of the resort is a gigantic statue of our dear Lee Kuan Yew, made from pure gold!

Now, I must ask you to ignore the unsightly decrepit buildings you see at that far corner. That, is the infamous Hougang slums. Its existence is an example of why Singapore needs a unique style of democracy: opposition is unhealthily bad.

And further on, across the sea, you see Pulau Ubin. Once a backwater island, now it has skyscrapers and state-of-the-art infrastructure..."

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