25 June 2006

The Interesting Incident at Pizza Hut

This entry should've been written and published together or shortly after my movie review of TalkingCock the Movie, but for some unknown reason it drivelled out of my brain. Anyway, this incident occurred before the movie, which was scheduled to be screened at 1930.

Before watching the movie with Yao, we went for dinner at Pizza Hut in Plaza Singapura (PS). Due to my neurotic worries of being late, we met early for dinner so that we would have ample time to search for the exact location of the theatre.

We sat down in Pizza Hut at about 1820, and took our own sweet time deciding our orders, After all, we do have enough time... In any case, "own sweet time" to us means about five minutes. So we placed our orders, and then...


The lights went out. Okay okay, there wasn't the *DDRRMMMMmmmmm...*, but you get my idea. The place lost power. Electricity was cut. It seemed only Pizza Hut and the neighbouring stall was affected (or it could be the entire row, I couldn't see). The corridors were still lit (so we could still see), and so were other stalls. Looks like PS had some loose wires somewhere. (In case anyone's wondering, I'm not those kind of people whereby streetlights go out when I approach.)

The soup bowls came, but the waitress said that the drinks (Pepsi) could not be served because the drink dispenser could not function without electricity. I was like "cannot manually scoop meh?" which Yao also thought so and said aloud first. I wondered if the oven was also off-power.

But never mind about that. We got our soup, and took our own sweet time, again, to sip it off our spoons (it was about 1835; we still had sufficient time). And then we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Then at 1845, PS settled its dispute with the circuits and power came back on. The drinks came, but not the food. It seemed like my hunch about the oven was right. I asked the waitress how long the pizza was gonna take. Five minutes. Okay good. In that case we could comfortably finish our food.

Fifteen minutes later, there were two glasses of half-empty Pepsi, no pizza, and two rather anxious persons. We started to panic... we even considered the option of take-away for our pan pizza (I was thinking of taking the pan along).

Fortunately the pizza came five minutes later. Although we convinced each other that we can still reach the theatre on time, I must admit that we sort of politely gobbled down our food (as compared to the take-a-bite-and-talk-some-cock speed).

In the end, we reached the theatre slightly late. But that's because we couldn't find the entrance to the National Museum (it was under renovation). We went round the other side of the museum along Stanford Road, only to discover that the entrance was along Fort Canning Road. Fortunately, the movie followed the national habit and didn't start on time either.

In any case, I'm not putting any blame on Pizza Hut. The power outage wasn't their fault (or at least that's what I think). Moreover, when the power was restored, I could see them frantically re-establishing order in the restaurant. Their service has been great too. It's just that I found this incident rather interesting.

That goes to show how boring my life is.

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