19 June 2006

A Gay Army - The Next Step in Evolution?

Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip Dilbert, wrote on his blog the following:

I predict that someday our entire military will be gay. If people are shooting at you, it goes down a lot easier if you’re huddling in a foxhole with a chiseled 20-year old and you can use lines such as, "Bruce, we might die today. But before we go..."

Scott Adams is rather well known for his cranky and twisted theories. After all, what do you expect from a person who is capable of coming up with something so bizarre like Dilbert?. The idea above is the conclusion of an entry proposing a theory that people takes up jobs that suits their characters (an idea similar to natural selection, the driving force behind evolution). He is, of course, referring to the US Army, which is not a conscripted army. And for this reason, this idea does not apply to Singapore (I shudder at the thought of all Singaporean males being gay; Lee Kuan Yew would go nuts).

But then, what about the regulars? Hmm...

(In case one finds this entry offensive, I'd like to clarify that it was written in jest.)

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