25 June 2006

Wikipedia Fun

I just stumbled across a great Wikipedia entry. It's on old wives' tale and it discusses many old wives' tales and how most of them are wrong. It's quite an interesting article, as well as educational because there are one or two old wives' tale which I believed until moments ago. This includes "staying out in the cold without a coat causes pneumonia" and "stepping on a rusty nail causes tetanus".

Some are pretty hilarious, like "masturbation causes blindness", "watching TV too much/up close will give you square eyes", "eating apples with cherries increases penis size" and "if you whistle at night, burglars will break into your house". Some are so ridiculous that Wikipedia (or the persons writing this) doesn't even bother stating that it is false (e.g. "eating the crust of bread makes your hair curl").

Here's my comments on some interesting ones:

If you feel a burning in your ears, it means that somebody is talking about you.

I wonder why celebrities and other public figures still have their ears.

In India, hiccups are a sign that you are being remembered by someone.

Being a Bollywood star must be a really tough life.

If you sneeze suddenly, someone is talking about you behind your back or thinking about you.

Don't fall in love. It's as bad as catching an eternal cold.

If you have a stye, you must have read or watched pornographic materials.

Okay, the next time I see someone with eyes like two ang ku kuehs...

But this made me wonder about the "fact" that if you were to watch pornographic stuff, you'd get nosebleed. Therefore, I did a Wikipedia search on nosebleed and found this:

In anime and manga, it is very common to see sexually aroused characters getting nosebleeds, sometimes brutal ones. This rarely occurs in real life, but is based on Japanese old wives' tales, which say that getting too sexually excited leads to a nosebleed. Such occurrences are generally played for laughs and signify loserhood and/or virginity.

So in some sense, this old wives' tale is true.

I wonder if I'll ever see a face decorated with pastries and ketchup...


nosthegametoo said...

Those old sayings are hilarious. There are countless silly things that people have said and repeated over the year.

I usually enjoy them.

Pandemonium said...

Yep agreed. It's kinda funny how some of the advice of the past were so silly. Which probably means some of the practices and advice we have today will be mocked at by our future generations.