30 April 2006

Opposite Week

This entry is in response to The Negative Man's Opposite Week challenge. In summary, I'm supposed to write something supporting the party which I don't intend to vote for.

The situation now is that my vote tends towards the opposition. Not that I've already decided who I'm voting for, but PAP has to offer more if they want my vote. There are several factors for my choice, including lift upgrading (contrary to most Singaporeans, the issue of lift upgrading pushes the favour away from PAP because I find the use of such tactics disgusting; I'd even go as far as to call it a disguised form of money politics), the need for an opposition voice and how public services are rendered (e.g. I believe public transport service should not be privatised and operated with profit in mind).

Okay, so what's good with the PAP that I can give credit for? Locally (within the Kovan district of the Aljunied constituency where I live), I must say that Cynthia Phua is doing a pretty good job running the place. I applaud her swift actions in converting a former HDB office building to a community centre but with a much fresher look, in an effort to generate crowds to the area (activity declined alarmingly after the bus interchange there closed). I think her efforts are quite successful, because the crowds came back (though I cannot confirm if it is entirely due to that action).

Now, George Yeo... I don't know how he is faring as a Foreign Minister, since I have little knowledge about such foreign affairs stuff, but I think chances are low that someone in the WP team could match up to him. Personally, I still preferred Jayakumar, with his practically unreadable poker face, but George Yeo is fine.

The PAP team as a whole, there is absolutely no denial that they are a capable bunch. There is no doubt that they can deliver what they promise. They have both the resources and the track record to run the constituency effectively. Also, counting in their favour is WP's manifesto. There are several things I disagree with, such as the abolishment of the ethnic quota in HDB home ownership, the Internal Security Act and grassroot organisations.

That's how PAP fared in my opinion. As you can see, I am less concerned with materialistic matters and more into idealistic principles. That may be a result of my pretty well-off parents and my believe in the scientific method.

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