29 April 2006

The James Gomez Saga

Top of the election news is James Gomez's blunder at the Election Department, and PAP took no chances to lambaste the opposition on this issue. Admittedly, WP and James Gomez himself took far too long (in the election perspective) before he clarified matters. He said it was a mistake on his part due to the hectic schedule and asked for forgiveness.

Well, that was frank and honest, but the fact that he took so long before coming out, and the fact that he made a mistake, will count against him when I decide between his team and George Yeo's team. Nonetheless, to those PAP hypocrites who wasted no time to criticise him and the WP, I'd ask them to check themselves first, like CPF and Temasek Holdings. (I don't know what the PM thinks, but the CEO of Temasek should've been fired long ago, given the huge losses it incurred recently. And mind you they're Singaporean's money.)

On a side note, I can now firmly declare that Channel NewsAsia is one-sided. I'd say that at least 80% of the news on the election is about PAP. And it's quite amazing that they'd dedicate ten minutes of precious news time to report this single incident over and over again. The entire Channel NewsAsia election converage team is not even comparable to individuals such as Mr Wang Says So and Yawning Bread.


The Negative Man said...

Now the entire PAP seems to be hammering Gomez. Even the MM has joined in on the attack.

If you have seen the news, MM described Gomez as a 'liar' and other stuff (not too clear on this, my memory fails me). What was most impressionable was his challenge for the WP to sue him for defamation if they had any grounds.

I wonder how this would turn out.

Pandemonium said...

Yeah. Apparently, there's this new twist whereby a PAP candidate (stress: PAP) was conversing with James Gomez and heard him say that he is only putting up a show. I was wondering, "What? Are WP candidates idiots? Speaking of such stuff in front of PAP candidates?"

Anyway, MM is sure to win by challenging them to sue him, simply because he knew they won't. Even if they had sufficient grounds to back that up, they won't sue, mainly because the suing tradition runs only in PAP's veins. So to those gullible Singaporeans, they'd be bought into MM's trap.