23 April 2006

Blogging on Politics during Election Period

I've checked on some of the government websites (MICA and MDA) but I could not find anything related to blogging about political stuff during this period (maybe I didn't look hard enough). So sniffing around other websites, I found that, despite what some mainstream newspaper wrote, political blogging is still allowed, as long as they do not promote a particular political line. (See articles in Yawning Bread and Tomorrow.sg.)

From this I gather that I am allow to still blog as per normal... comment on politics as before, until I receive an email saying that I need to register with MDA (and political sites registered with MDA are not allowed to broadcast any political content during the election period). Therefore, do expect to see some of my comments on the political scene and election campaigns and various events during this period.

Now, if anyone knows that the above statement is wrong, that political blogging is completely banned, please let me know by dropping a comment. Meanwhile, I will continue to speak as usual.

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