23 April 2006

A Brief Political Comment

(I'm assuming political discussion by individuals are allowed. Let me know if that's incorrect.)

I was very surprised when I heard Worker's Party chairman (or is it chairwoman?) Sylvia Lim saying that they're "still in a building up process" and that "there is a still a long road ahead" to being a First World opposition party, in response to MM's words of building a First World opposition. It's not that I expected them to snap back at Lee Kuan Yew for his comments (that's something I would do, if I had the guts), but I'd never thought that they'd admit they are yet to be of standard.

Humble, cooperative... that's a rather different profile from the Jeyaretnam-style I used to associate WP (at least partially) with. Certainly, they have gained much of my respect, but as they said, they're still a distance behind PAP. But they're doing good in closing up that distance.

This is something I'd certainly be keeping watch of, since WP will be contesting against PAP in my constituency.

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