19 April 2006

Music for Studying

I believe most people are now plunging their minds into the midst of words and equations, preparing for the inevitable. Well, here's something nice to soothe your mind while you work (or take a break): soothing music. Haha, yup, and I usually have some playing on my computer while I study. Just music, no words.

Sometimes, FM 92.4 may serve this purpose, but sometimes there are interruptions or no access to radio. So I listen to music downloaded from Cnet's music download centre, where an amazing collection of all genres of music are housed. They're mostly free to download (and those few that are not free can be streamed), but of course, the problem with this is the quality. Nonetheless, there are some very good artists, and below are a few I listen to often.

Cynthia Jordan
Her music is one of the first few I've downloaded, and remains to be my favourites. In fact, she has been up on the website's New Age chart for a long time. Highly recommended.

Another chart-topper. Another of my favourites. Highly recommended. Note that one of the songs is a vocal one (it is labelled in its title).

David Caballero
This is a new one I've discovered. So far I find him pretty great. Be sure to listen to his Echoes from Rivendell. By itself, it is soothing enough, but true to its name, it does echo the scenery of Rivendell.

John Worsley
He's one of the later ones I've discovered, and his music is rather good. Try it!

John Rhyman
I find his style of music similar to John Worsley's. In another words, try his too!

Rick DeAguiar
His music are not bad. Not all are to my taste, but those that are, are good in my opinion.

And, one minor problem with these free downloaded music is that they do not have a standard volume. But there's an easy way to correct this, and it is by the use of a programme called MP3Gain which easily allows the adjustment of the volume of an MP3 by a few clicks.

So, sit back, enjoy, calm your mind.

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