08 March 2006

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Colour: 370 nm

I wonder if anyone has realised the significance of 370 nm light?

In case your knowledge of electromagnetic radiation is woefully inadequate, let me inform you that the visible range is 400 nm to 700 nm. So 370 nm is actually ultraviolet. To our eyes, unless you had an operation and removed some layer in your eyeballs, 370 nm light will appear as black.

More specifically, 370 nm is the wavelength used by black lamps. You know, those kind that are used to illuminate some invisible marks and then they'd glow. I thought that was rather cool, so yeah, that's the "black" I like.

An interesting fact: I used to like green. How come it turned black? That's because liking green was some time ago, and as we know, space-time is expanding, so our past is moving away from us. Thus, the green colour underwent blueshift and changed into ultraviolet. That's the reason.

Anyway, I've just added some mini-updates to that page.

P.S.: Has anyone made sense of my handphone number and MSN yet?

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