26 March 2006

Blind Spot

I was introduced to this interesting phenomenon in SPS some time back. And by blind spot, I do not mean the left/right blind spot in driving; I'm referring to the blind spot in the eye.

It is a point or region in the retina that has no optical receptors because of the presence of the nerves. Consequentially, you cannot see an object if its light falls onto that spot. Don't believe me? Try this out:

Close or cover your left eye, and focus your right eye on the cross. Then slowly move your head closer or further from the screen, keeping the focus on the cross. At a particular distance, you'll notice that the circle will disappear. For me, this distance is about 20 cm. You can do the same with your left eye on the circle.

Totally amused me when I found this out.

Life's full of science. Science's full of fun.

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