02 March 2006

Intellectual Gratification

It has been the second time like that. Stayed in school past midnight. Last time I was going through general relativity; now I'm going through gauge field theory (has something to do with bosons, if it interests you). All these are advanced undergraduate, or even graduate stuff, and yet I've gotta do a crash course through them, just so I can handle my SP2171 project on cosmological inflation.

Had to walk back to hostel... It was about 0200 when I finished bathing. Felt quite drained... and I have lecture tomorrow morning at 10.

But at least I'm happy. I'm doing something I like, and thus I'm happy. It's those kind of feeling that... you know... when you finally understand a problem or an idea, you get complete satisfaction. It's a kind of feeling that's hard to explain. As Richard Feynman as aptly put it, it is the "pleasure of finding things out". To me, I call it intellectual gratification.

It fuels my passion for knowledge, for physics. The passion to know, to understand, and to unravel the mysteries of this world in a scientific and logical manner. It drives my desire to keep finding things out, even when I'm physically and mentally tired.

Intellectual gratification is a drug. And I'm addicted to it.

I love physics.

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