29 March 2006

Comments on Two News Pieces

NUS students, politicians debate election issues at forum

I was initially contemplating whether to go or not (I had lessons at 1900; this started at 1700), but after they sent an email saying that I had to email them and register, I dropped the idea. Anyway, I've two comments after reading this article.

First, someone (you can see who in the video) asked this:

"As a beneficiary of the recent Progress package, I'd like to ask if this package is a deliberate move to win hearts and minds of people before election."

My immediate response: DUH! Of course the package is meant to buy votes. Why else is it released just before the elections? Just like in 2001? Anyway, let's move on...

Then PAP MP Rajah said this:

"The PAP is absolutely committed to the people of Singapore and don't for one minute, think that the PAP doesn't care about the people of Singapore."

In response, I have the following. Maybe I should not question the commitment of the PAP MPs, but how do they truly represent their own thoughts when they're slaves to the whip?

On to the next news on 50 young women visit Pulau Tekong for taste of army life, I noticed that the comments of the participants again are rather standard... almost predictable. And judging from the article, they seem to only have a whiff of army life. Not unexpected... how can you expect future leaders to plough through shit?

"Fall in! Stand by makeup kit!
Oi! Why your lipstick so short? Go curtsey twenty!"

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