06 August 2006

SOW - Cruising at 5,000 Feet Above Sea Level

Wow! Finally, the long-awaited SOW (Science Orientation Week) has started. I have been in school since Wednesday to make some final preparations before the arrival of the freshies the next day, and it has been an absolute craziness until Saturday afternoon. I've wanted to pen my thoughts yesterday, but the lack of sleep is completely devastating to my ability to write.

The theme of SOW this year is Scinimation, and all the OG names are titles of cartoon or animation movies, grouped into four different houses. My OG is from the Graveyard house, and we've got the longest OG name: Nightmare Before Christmas.

Nightmare Before Christmas is quite a mouthful, so we're in short known as Nightmare. The freshies were a bit quiet on the first day, which really worried me deeply, for that'll indicate a failure on us senior's part to rouse them up. Fortunately, as if an overnight sleep settles some hidden disease, everyone was suddenly wild and delirious on the second day, and this blazing passion burnt all the way through till Saturday. For some reason I feel that this passion will flare with increasing magnitude to the fire of a sun in the days to come.

This is a photo of us and our buddy OG, Corpse Bride:

And the Graveyard house...

... on a walkabout:

Here's our charismatic house IC, Wenguang:

Well that's all for now. There'll be more thoughts, photos and perhaps even videos later (definitely there'll be - three days and the photos and videos have piled up to 1.4 GB).

One last thing before I sign off: looking at the contact list of my OG, it made me feel quite old... Dang, I'm the oldest around, even amongst the seniors (because the rest are Malaysians)...

One day pigs will fly!

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