13 August 2006

The End Has Come

So here it is: the inevitable; the end of SOW (Science Orientation Week), the start of school. I will really miss SOW... miss all the fun, the freshies, the games, the madness, the passion, the cheering... SOW truly rocks!... I've never felt so young in such a long time.

I hope to join SOW07 once again, though I shall not place too much hope in that for three reasons. First, if my plan of going on exchange is on track, then I may not be around during this time next year. Second, given the success of SOW06, most of the seniors in SOW07 will probably be this year's freshies, just as it is for this year's seniors. Thirdly, even if there are places for year 3 seniors in SOW07, I doubt there will be many and they'll be better in the hands of other super-enthu seniors of the past few days.

Oh well... I really hope to join...

Anyway, for any freshie reading this, a super-big thanks to all of you!... again. You really made SOW06 a golden experience for me.

Thanks to the freshies!

Thanks to the seniors!

Thanks to Nightmare OG!

Thanks to Graveyard house!

Thanks to Yuhan!

And thanks to Wee Tong who started it all!

Well, it's time to put down the copious enthusiasm and pick up the books once again, as well as resume blogging about more serious things.

May the FOS be with you.

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