13 October 2006

Hip-Hopping MPs

There has been a big hoo-hah over the recent news that some twelve, post-65 MPs are going to dance hip-hop at next year's Chingay Parade. In general, many see it as a lame attempt by PAP to "open up" to the younger generation, and some were pretty cynical about this move.

Personally, I cannot figure out why people are getting so worked up over this issue. I mean, yeah, if they're trying to connect to the younger generation, I won't deny it is a lame attempt. There are certainly better ways to connect to us, and those who are at least somewhat concerned with politics will be more interested in seeing greater engagement than rabbitt-ing about. And what's more, I doubt all youths like hip-hopping; I for one dislike it.

But still, this outcry begs the question: why create a big fuss about it? They are, just like they said, having fun. I'm not sure how tough the training is gonna get - whether it is back-breaking or not - but as long as they think it is worth it, it is worth it. If it doesn't affect us the slightest, so be it. Let them do it. Why the noise? Is it another instinctive reflex of a typical online Singaporean to criticise every move of PAP that appears to try and get in touch with the people?

The only worry I have is that the MPs use time that they're supposed to do their parliamentary or constituency work to prepare for the event. I doubt that is likely, given the intense eyes on them. That leaves them with using their personal time and/or time to do PAP work. That's pretty fine with me. Oh, and as long as they don't get too excited and injure themselves, I think there's no harm to that too.

In any case, I probably, just like in previous years, won't watch the parade. To be frank, I won't give a hoot about it even if Lee Kuan Yew decides to breakdance, just as long as he doesn't break his neck. No, it's not because I fear for his life. I worry more for the image of Singapore, if the foreign media starts putting headlines like "Singapore's Founder Dies While Breakdancing".

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The Negative Man said...

I agree that having fun is perfectly fine. If break-dancing is fine for any person, I can see no reason that it is not fine if a MP does it.

Problem is, quite frankly it does seem a bit artificial (or fake to use harsher terms). There is a difference between a MP who breakdances for leisure, then performs in Chingay, and a MP who learns to breakdance because of Chingay. Both are arguably political actions, but one is more artificial then the other.

Frankly I'm quite certain that this is a lousy PR move (Hmm... I think I did mention the PAP needs a new PR expert). Such artifice won't result in connections being made. I would think it is better than MP's do what they already do for leisure (assuming they do anything at all). It can be simple, such as playing a guitar or something more complex, like ballroom dancing (Unless of course their leisure activities are golfing etc).