10 September 2006


I dunno whether to love or hate this week. It was a monstrous emotional roller-coaster ride for me... the hurricane in which I was standing right in its eye seem to have shifted and scooped me off my feet.

Sometimes, I really wish life weren't so complex and mired with complications I cannot see. Sometimes, I really wish life were logical, rational, and could be broken down into orderly relations like mathematics. Sometimes, I really wish I had no trouble understanding other people's feelings. Sometimes, I really wish things would go my way, ideally, smoothly, trouble-free.


Human beings are really too perplexing for me to comprehend. Sometimes, it's not the crass jokes or clever puns or witty satire that humours me; it's the innocence of animals when projected onto a human perspective that makes me laugh.

Please, enjoy these as I have.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh ... it doesn't work that way, yet it does. There is a space somewhere deep in you, as there is in me, and every other human being, which is calm & sure and very wise. If you keep your mind quiet, and are patient, then you will know ... whatever it is that you need to know. The religious call this space God; but it is not necessary to believe in God, in order to reach that space.